Weaving 101

If you’ve been on Instagram or Pinterest in the past year, there is a good chance you have seen this trend. Wall hanging are coming back in style and it’s time for you to break out your grandma’s loom and get weaving. With new, modern, and trendy patterns all over the internet I decided to give you a basics introductory course to weaving that will show you step by step the correct way to weave.  

Basic Terms

Warp- the strings that wrap vertically around the pegs of the loom  

Weft- The yarn that is woven between the warp strings.  

Loom- the frame that the weaving is made on  

Weaving comb- a comb that is used to compact the weaving.  

Dowels- the rod that the weaving is hung on 

Shuttle- what the weft yarn is wrapped around when weaving It through the warp.  

Step 1: Warping the loom 

To being you take a thinner yarn that is in a neutral color, or one that matches the base of your weaving, and wrap it around the pegs of your loom. You want to make sure the yarn is taut so that you can have a sturdy base for your weaving.  

Step 2: Weft  

To begin, wrap your yarn around the shuttle. You want to make sure you don’t add too much yarn to the shuttle, or it won’t fit through the warp.  

Then being weaving the yarn over and under alternating with each warp thread. You can start either over or under whichever is your preference. When beginning the first row make sure you leave a little tail on the end so the yarn won’t unravel.  When you reach the end of the row, you will want to have a little bit of slack on the edge. If the edge warp yarn is being pulled in by your weft you have it too tight. To help prevent this you can create an arch with the yarn you wove between the warp strings and comb it down instead of pulling it down.

Step 3: Adding in yarn  

Once you have used all the yarn on your shuttle you can rewrap it and start again. You always want to make sure you leave enough of a tail so that it can be woven into the back of the weaving.  

After you have a couple rows done you can go back to your tail and weave it back through the weft strings. There is a display and a back side to a weaving so you want to make sure you always keep the tails in the back to make your design look cleaner and more finished.

If you feel comfortable you can begin adding different colors to your weaving, and eventually begin patters and tassels.  

Step 4: Taking it off the loom 

To take your weaving off the loom you want to un-hook the warp strings from the loom. If you are creating a wall hanging, you will put the dowel rods through the hoop, tie a knot, and cut off the excess string. At the bottom of the weaving you will tie the warp yarn in a knot right up against the bottom of the weaving and cut off the excess.  

You can then add a string around the dowel rod so you can hang your weaving on your wall.

Now that you have completely mastered the art of weaving wall hangings, it’s time for you to open your Etsy shop, become instafamous, and get tons of pins on Pinterest.  

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